What is EndeavourToBe?

EndeavourToBe is a Remote & Flexible job board with a detailed list of reliable Remote & Flexible working positions on a National and International basis. You can find new updated job postings every day in many different areas such as Consulting, Management, Development, Marketing, Design, Human Resources and so on.

Who are Remote & Flexible Workers?

Remote & Flexible workers are people from all backgrounds who require more flexibility during the working week while only requiring a computer, Wi-Fi and a cloud for their work. It is not only a new way of employment; but also a modern lifestyle full of freedom and possibilities, where you choose your own working destination on your own terms.

Does it mean a 100% Remote Job?

Roles can be 100% Remote or just Flexible based where candidates have the option to work from home for an agreed period, for example a number of days per week. This allows Employees to alleviate pressures relating to commuting time, childcare and often rental costs where jobs are based away from home. A variety of options are available e.g. choose from temporary, contract projects or permanent employment. 

Some companies may also require you to be in a certain country or time zone, where scheduled meetings with the companies management may be required. 

Are Remote job offers credible? 

At EndeavourToBe.com you will find only reliable job posts. We collaborate with well-known companies and choose only the highest quality job offers. 

How do I apply for a job?

Simply click on the apply for job tab when you see a role that meets your requirements. Fill out the information required and send your application directly to the hiring company.  

Where can I find the jobs I have applied for?

When you sign in to your account, you can find the jobs you have applied for by clicking on the manage job’s icon.

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What Are The Advantages of Hiring Remote Workers?

  • Access to talented employees or freelancers in any location, thus expanding the applicant talent pool beyond geographic boundaries.
  • Hiring remote workers gives you access to experts both  Nationally and Internationally. Today’s trend of remote contracts is very attractive for many people solving the lack of available resource in one area with independent talents from around the world.
  • Happy and motivated employees, working from any location but working towards pre-agreed deliverables and deadlines.
  • Remote Workers do not feel burned-out by everyday commuting they are open-minded, and happier with their jobs. 

Budget savings?

Office rental, maintenance costs etc. are reduced which can be a big advantage for both start – ups and established successful companies. Reach experts in their professional field and in turn save on your business budget.

What is the cost to list a job on EndeavourToBe?

Please refer to the “Price” section or contact the office for more information.                                                                 

What is required to advertise a remote or flexible job?

It is essential to describe the type of job it is, the job requirements, and if the position is remote or has flexible working terms. Other information is up to you, but keep in mind that the more attractive offers bring more qualified applicants.

Is it possible to edit the job posting when it’s online? 

You can easily edit job posts at any time in your account settings, when you have signed up and registered with the site. They can also be edited free of charge. Simply post your remote or flexible job offer, edit it at any time and get qualified candidates in return. 

Where can I find a list of jobs that I have advertised? 

You can find a list of jobs that have been advertised by first logging into the site and then by hitting the tab “manage jobs”. 

Are the CV’s sent directly to the hiring company or will E.T.B receive applications and forward in a secure manner?

When posting a role, the hiring company can choose the email they wish the CV’s to be forwarded too. If the company wishes they can choose E.T.B’s email, [email protected] and we will screen and submit applications from the most suitable candidate’s.